change-maker, community and global leader


As a business leader today it is not enough anymore to perform in the comfort of your office. If you want to grow you will need attention and traction. From classic press work to finding exclusive media partners, we will support you in crafting your story and stand out. This is the time to prepare the Perfect Startup Investor Pitch to Raise Venture Capital.


change-maker, community and global leader


Building a great company is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It has become vital to strive to improve more than just your bottom line. Make the world a better place, improve lives. A clear vision can make a difference. Measure your success by your impact on other people’s lives. Now is the perfect Time to This is the time for the perfect Startup Investor Pitch to Raise Venture Capital.


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Teaching & Innovation

Resilience is what makes a great entrepreneur. It is my honor to be teaching the next generation change makers through multiple programs internationally. We have a passion for innovation! Driving Scientific Developments, coordinating some of the best research institutions in the world has been an honor and a pleasure both for our companies and Government Funded Programs. Bringing together international research institutions is a special focus of our work.


“A clearly defined and Communicated Vision is not only the cornerstone of every successful business, it is your compass through tough times. Prepare for a marathon, not a sprint! Stay healthy and enjoy the ride.”

julien uhlig

The Resilient Entrepreneur